Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Dunstable

Quality commercial kitchen cleaning is a high responsibility task which we are very serious about. A clean, fresh and perfectly sanitized kitchen is more than just a necessity for most business establishments but a law imposed requirement. Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants are required by law to keep a spotless kitchen with almost surgical room hygiene and failing to do so can result in serious fines or even closure.

We can offer our business customers top quality, professional standard kitchen cleaning at a competitive price. The commercial kitchen cleaning is a highly comprehensive service which encompasses the entire kitchen from top to bottom. The cleaning session will be carried out with professional speed and efficiency. Our specially trained cleaning crews are quite familiar with commercial kitchens and will pay the necessary cleaning attention to heavy use kitchen appliances such as deep fryers, stoves etc.

Commercial Kitchen CleaningThe cleaners will go about their work with all due care and attention as expected by professionals, there will be no risk of damage to expensive kitchen equipment or contamination of food storages or supplies. The cleaners will pay special attention to heavy use parts of the kitchen like food preparation areas which require perfect hygiene at all times. The cleaning crews will also take care of all bench tops, tables and sinks. The cabinets and storage compartments around the kitchen will be cleaned out and polished to perfection.

Flooring surfaces and doors leading to and from the kitchen are also part of the cleanup. The commercial kitchen cleaning will be carried out in a suitable for the customer time. We understand that many business establishments cannot just shut down for the day in order to have the kitchen cleaned so if necessary we will visit you before or after your opening hours and be out of there as soon as possible since every hour of equipment down time is lost profit. The cleaners will use non-toxic, environmentally friendly solvents and detergents that leave no trace or residue after the cleaning. Equipment and kitchen surfaces will be perfectly sanitized and ready to use shortly after.

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